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As you embark on a journey through the dynamic world of custom integration, we invite you to experience the difference that our exceptional team brings to the table.


With us, you're not just engaging with representatives; you're entering a realm of expertise, collaboration, and innovation that propels your business to new heights. With a collective passion for immersive entertainment and a profound understanding of cutting-edge technologies, our expert team is dedicated to working along side our integrators to transform spaces into a realm of cinematic bliss.


Elevate your entertainment. Experience the extraordinary.

Welcome to the realm of our home theater experts.


What truly sets us apart is our unwavering focus on building lasting partnerships. We are more than representatives; we are enablers of success for manufacturers, integration professionals, residential design professionals and expert builders.


By offering unmatched support, insightful training, and strategic guidance, we empower those we partner with, to flourish in a rapidly evolving market. With a proven track record of transforming ideas into realities, we continue to pave the way for the future of custom integration, setting new standards and reshaping the industry landscape.




Joaquin's immersion in the industry traces back to his upbringing, with a remarkable fifteen-year journey as an integral part of the team at Stewart Filmscreen, a leading force in video projection screens. Commencing his career in production at Stewart Filmscreen, Joaquin swiftly transitioned to various pivotal roles, including Marketing, Inside Sales, International Sales, Factory Liaison, National Sales Manager, and ultimately becoming the first VP in Stewart's history not bearing the Stewart surname.

When faced with the loss of Stewart's longtime representative in California, Arizona, Vegas, and Hawaii, Joaquin, along with his co-worker and friend Benito, decided it was time for a change. In 2014, they took the bold step to establish ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing Inc. Joaquin's unwavering dedication has earned recognition within the industry, manifested through several awards bestowed upon him over the years



Operations & Marketing Manager

Jessica contributes a rich tapestry of experiences to our team, having traversed diverse roles in customer relations and marketing across the retail and consumer goods sectors. In 2012, she made a pivotal career shift into the Audio Visual Industry, drawing inspiration from the dedicated sales and marketing professionals she had the privilege to collaborate with. Jessica's journey includes valuable interactions with a spectrum of integrators within our industry.

Her commitment is evident in her pursuit of crafting a best-in-class experience for our clients. Jessica is dedicated to fostering enduring and productive business relationships, driven by her passion for the Audio Visual Industry.



 Technical & Inside Sales Support

Nathan's roots in the Audio-Video domain run deep, with a legacy of industry expertise passed down from his father, Joaquin Rivera. Growing up surrounded by the business, Nathan has garnered eight years of valuable experience with ByDesign. His unwavering dedication is evident in his commitment to providing exceptional service to our integrators and business partners.




Benito, a seasoned veteran with 15 years of industry experience, dedicated the initial decade of his career as a senior member of the in-house sales team at Stewart Filmscreen. His journey began with a few months in production at Stewart Filmscreen, where his technical expertise quickly led him to the Marketing department. In this role, he actively contributed to trade shows and training events.

Soon after, Benito transitioned to the inside sales team, assuming a hybrid role. He not only managed major territories for Stewart but also provided high-level technical support to Manufacturers Reps and dealers within his assigned regions. In 2010, after departing from Stewart, Benito ventured into consulting within the CI channel. Subsequently, he teamed up with his co-worker and friend, Joaquin Rivera, to establish ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing Inc. Their partnership reflects a shared commitment to advancing and contributing to the industry.



Regional Sales Manager

With over two decades of industry experience, Ryan embarked on his career in Retail Sales, initially in an independent retailer and later in a big-box store. His fascination with Automation, Lighting Control, and Home Theater drew him toward custom integration. Transitioning from retail to custom installation early on, Ryan immersed himself in absorbing every piece of information and seeking out training opportunities.

Through years of dedicated apprenticeship, he honed his skills in integrated system sales, marketing, system design, and project management. Ryan played a pivotal role in the growth of a nascent integration firm, transforming it into a successful and thriving business. Fueled by a passion to forge partnerships and contribute to the continuous evolution of the Custom Integration channel, he took the leap into the Manufacturers Rep side of the business. In joining ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing, Ryan remains committed to pushing boundaries and fostering growth within the industry.



Regional Sales Manager

Tommie began his journey in consumer electronics over 20 years ago in big box retail. His passion for the industry pushed him to learn and read  everything he could get his hands on. Through the years he has successfully navigated many positions including customer service, technical service, design, sales and operation manager of an integration company in Hawaii. In 2013 he reached a new pinnacle becoming the principle of a manufacturer rep company and has represented some of the biggest names in our industry. He collaborated for several years with ByDesign on the islands and developed such a good relationship with them that it made sense to  bring him completely into the ByDesign family in 2020.


Every great journey begins with a single step, and for Founder, Joaquin Rivera and Co-Founder, Benito Joaquin, that step was a spark of inspiration that ignited a fire of ambition and possibility in 2014.


The story of the birth of ByDesign Vision and Sound Marketing is a testament to the power of vision, determination, and unwavering belief.


Our journey has been one of constant evolution, fueled by a passion for excellence and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We have grown from a dream into a dynamic force in the industry, representing over 20 premier brands and curating a portfolio that exemplifies the very best in our industry.

the team
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